A big fist bump from us. A flying high five. A flamboyantly choreographed secret handshake. We have arrived, and we have a new perspective on the in-house agency model.

Yes, that’s us. That’s NuFu. A new breed of on-site agency.

Short for nuclear fusion, the name reflects our ambition to bring together two forces, agency talent and the in-house model, to create something even more powerful.

Born from a need for something fresh, something that’s going to shake things up a little and ruffle some industry feathers. NuFu exists to create in-house integrated agencies within a client’s world that morph seamlessly into their inner workings, get right under the skin of their problems and fuse together creativity, strategic thinking, data and media to help create powerful marketing.

And because NuFu is also part of Engine, your bespoke in-house team is powered by thirteen award-winning, specialist agencies and an agile global infrastructure. Uniquely positioning us to deliver the benefits of in-house working from the top down. Combining our knowledge and talent, we create work that is engaging and effective, measuring failures and successes quickly, improving results.

Marketing, that goes KAPOW!

What we do

  • Creative
  • Strategy
  • Integrated design
  • Content & community management
  • Video production & editing
  • Motion graphics
  • Transcreation & localisation
  • Media trading desks
  • Data & media strategy
  • Performance management
  • Campaign management & optimisation
  • MRM technology

Join us

If we’ve caught your attention, and you think you’d like to get in on the action, then maybe you’d like to join us? We are looking for all kinds of wonderful minds. Brains that can ignite a few sparks. Craniums that know a thing or two about a few things. If you think your head has what it takes to fill the spaces below, please give us the heads up.

If you are enthusiastic, great at what you do, and human. We want to talk to you.

Upcoming Vacancies:

  • Paddington, London


    NuFu are looking to hire a Designer to work for a leading multinational corporation providing global workplaces. The role is based primarily in Paddington, London. The role will work alongside an existing client production team.

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  • Designer

    To manage and deliver conceptualised integrated design work to dedicated clients by producing both print and digital work that deliver tangible results. To develop strong client relationships and support and direct designers in their pursuit of the same.

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  • Account director

    To lead and direct assigned accounts by developing strong client business, robust commercial performance and creative solutions that deliver tangible results.

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  • Creative art worker

    To manage and deliver graphic design solutions across multiple channels of output. To take ownership of the brief after initial design concepts are agreed, through to finished artwork ready for export to print or web.

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